General Session: The Year We Changed the Art World-Forever

Celebrating the Next 50 Years of Polymer Clay

In this lively session, Nils Henssen and Daniel Torres will present a retrospective on the first 50 years of polymer clay as well as a vision for what the next 50 years may hold.

Presenters: Nils Henssen and Daniel Torres


Nils Henssen is STAEDTLER’s Marketing Manager for the Hobby & Creative Sector.

Daniel Torres Daniel is a curious engineer, trying to conceal creativity and technique into his work. He is honored to be taught and inspired every day by the most important polymer clay artists and leaders in the world: Donna Kato, Natalia Garcia de Leaniz.

So, so many friends he admires and thanks from the bottom of his heart. He has taught at Donna Kato’s Clay Carnival and, Helen Cox’s Polymer Play Days and Ismar Gil’s academy in Madrid.


Daniel Torres Website






General Session: Common Ground/Distinctive Voices

This presentation will celebrate and explore the unique evolution processes of the North American and European polymer communities, each with their distinctive visions. While in many respects there is much common ground, clearly there are also many differences.

Creativity and Collaboration

We all are uniquely creative – where does inspiration come from? Join Katrina Marsh Sarlin and fellow Synergy4 attendees in a guided collaboration exercise that will inspire your creativity through touch, sound, and color.

White Turtlehead (Chelone glabra), a PA Native Plant

What is Retreat Plus! ?

It’s a brand new and exciting IPCA event that will run alongside, and overlap with, the Synergy4 Conference.

When we started to plan Synergy4, we wanted to include a room for people who like to reconnect with their worldwide polymer friends and have ‘hands-on’ with clay in their own workspace. This room will have its own program, but we are also giving attendees the opportunity to experience part of the Conference program.

The Etching Alternative

Have you ever become totally obsessed with a creative process? Working with liquid polymer clay and my hand drawn etched copper sheets has me constantly saying what if.

Design Hierarchy

Having a design plan means deciding which principles and elements to feature in the current work and which to leave for another time. Identify the tools which best help to communicate your ideas and learn to organize them for greatest effect.

Adaptations – or – Gliding Along the Silk Road….

I tripped, fell and turned over a new leaf to discover a richer and fuller creative journey.

In this session we will explore a journey taken in search of personal expression. How an interest in nature and its reflection in the Asian aesthetic has influenced artists historically and my work specifically.

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Important Dates

  • Online Registration: January 9, 2017
  • On-Site Registration: August 13, 2017
  • Conference: August 13 (evening) to August 16, 2017
  • Pre and Post-Conference Workshops: August 13, 17, and 18, 2017

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