Green Art: Polymer and the Environment Issue

We create in plastic. That has been both an exciting and stigmatic aspect to our art form. What is the actual environmental impact of polymer art and how can we, as polymer artists, do our part to create in a low impact and responsible manner?

Un-box your artistic process to ex-tend your creativity

Most artists are working on their own, in studios, a corner of the living room or at the kitchen table. Group work or collaborations are more the exception that the norm, if we like that or not. And most of the times that is perfect for our artistic endeavor.

WordPress Bootcamp

Artists want to take control of their websites but are often intimidated by the technology needed to do so. In this presentation, attendees will be introduced to the WordPress content management system, which can manage an entire artist website including image galleries, contact forms, social media connectivity, online shopping and blogging.

What About Teaching?

We cannot overlook that formation has become one of the most important branches in the world of polymer clay. Clayers are avid guzzlers of knowledge. We take until the last minute of a time that, sometimes, we don’t have to attend classes.

But are these classes what we expect? Do they respond to the expectations that we have put in them? Has the clay community its own style as far as education is concerned?

Challenging Yourself: This Leaf is for Turning!

The Challenges, a feature of the Synergy4 program, have been designed for action oriented and goal-directed artists, who want to turn a new leaf and would like to do that with others.

The Challenges invite you to define and achieve a learning goal in advance of the Conference. At the Conference, you will be able to share with fellow Challengers the detail of your journey, your discoveries and results.

At the time of Synergy4 registration, you can, if desired, select a partner with which to participate in the Challenges.

General Session: Into the Forest

Inspiration to Installation – The Making of a Global Collaboration

In this presentation, Laura Tabakman, Emily Squires Levine and Julie Eakes take you on their journey as the inspiration of an Aspen forest high in the Rocky Mountains led from an informal collaboration involving experimentation to an installation, to a call for the participation of polymer artists worldwide, and ultimately to the realization of “Into the Forest.”

Polymer Jewelry Construction: Inside Out

How do you construct a complex piece of jewelry with polymer clay? From the inside out, back to front, bottom to top! There are many workshops that present methods for creating visually stunning polymer clay surfaces, yet very few that help you put those techniques to use in creating elements as part of a compete design. Take your work to the next level!

Environment as Inspiration, Inspiration into Art

This two-part presentation tackles the questions of inspiration and environment as influential aspects in “signature” art-making.

The first part of the presentation will explore how many artists’ family/home, nearby natural environments and constructed surroundings influence and inform their work. Get ready to hear quotes, see pictures and watch a series of short pre-recorded video interviews with professional artists working in polymer clay.

Collaboration of Strengths : Polymer Clay meets Metal

Its probably what we all strive for : strength, flexibility, lightness, longevity and colorful expressiveness. This might sound like the introduction to a yoga practice but for me this describes the combined strengths of two mediums: polymer clay and metal when used in jewelry.

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