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Celine Charaua Workshop Sample

Céline Charuau: The Green Pendant

Workshop Description

During this workshop, you will learn to combine several techniques to create this unique and very organic pendant : creating a support, learning a specific mokume gane, carving, … Of course, all colors and shapes are allowed (within reasonable limits!) – please see the examples below for the exciting possibilities.

Donna Greenberg: Tidal Pool Pendants

Workshop Description

The ‘Tidal Pool’ pendant is an elegant and tactile form that exhibits both sculptural and painterly qualities. Attention to fine detail is the hall mark of this class as we take care to finish both the front and back with creative and artistic solutions. The pendant is a generous 3-4 inches long.

Ana Belchí: Nebulae

Workshop Description

Nebulae are regions of the interstellar medium constituted by gasses plus chemical elements in the form of cosmic dust. Inspired by them born this technique called Nebulae In this workshop we will make a jewel using it.

Melanie West: A Unique Way of Organic Caning – Full of Depth and Color!

Workshop Description

This is a technique based workshop, not a project specific workshop.

In this workshop, students will gain a solid understanding of how to make the canes I use in my current work, using hand pigmented, translucent polymer clay. Different materials for pigmentation will be covered, and the different effects one can achieve.

Christine Dumont: Transforming Clay

Workshop Description

The property of the clay can be altered to great effects through the use of additives. The clay now responds more effusively and creatively to the lighter touch of the artist who can focus on simpler design.

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