Challenging Yourself: This Leaf is for Turning!

The Challenges, a feature of the Synergy4 program, have been designed for action oriented and goal-directed artists, who want to turn a new leaf and would like to do that with others.

The Challenges invite you to define and achieve a learning goal in advance of the Conference. At the Conference, you will be able to share with fellow Challengers the detail of your journey, your discoveries and results.

At the time of Synergy4 registration, you can, if desired, select a partner with which to participate in the Challenges.

For those of you who are considering this, a Facebook private group (Synergy4 Challenges) is open for discussion and to help you understand the value of this important feature of the Synergy4 program, prepare for it and get to know fellow “Challengers”.

In advance of the Conference, the Challenges are for you to:

  • set a learning goal that you will complete for Synergy4. Choose your goal. You
    can discuss it with the Challenges Co-ordinator if you wish,
  • develop a shared goal with another artist. Working collaboratively is empowering
    and rewarding,
  • get to know fellow Challengers in advance of the Conference.

At the Conference, the Challenges are for you to:

  • informally share your experience with other participants in small break-out groups,
  • learn from the challenges that the others have pursued,
  • discuss your project with the hosts. They were selected for their experience and are happy to share their knowledge.

You will be able to register in any or all of three categories:

Category 1: Design

Design challenges might incorporate the following examples:

  • develop your understanding of color by researching a palette, resulting in the making a collection of pieces,
  • explore working sculpturally,
  • create a piece that specifically captures movement.

Category 2: Technique

Technique challenges might incorporate the following examples:

  • explore an existing technique that is new to you,
  • create a new technique or deepen a favorite one,
  • explore the use of a new material.

Category 3: Other

This category includes projects that address any aspect of developing your practice or
creative process or any project not covered by the two categories above. Examples

  • create a new image or implement a new website,
  • identify a line of work for the wholesale market,
  • create a new body of work,
  • go on a creative travel trip and report on it.

At registration you will be be able to select a Challenge as one of your breakout sessions.

We look forward to seeing your new leaf!

Sessions – Twice Daily on Monday & Tuesday, Morning only on Wednesday

Presenter: Christine Dumont

Christine Dumont

Christine Dumont


Belgian-born and based in the United Kingdom, Christine has been working with polymer clay since 2008. She is a passionate artist and teacher. As the founder of Voila!, she has developed resources and creativity courses that have helped many polymer clay artists in their journey to creativity. She travels on a regular basis to deliver workshops across Europe. She’s been on the planning board of several Synergy events and a judge for the IPCA Awards.








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Important Dates

  • Online Registration: January 9 - August 6, 2017
  • Check-in: August 13, 2017 @ 2:30 PM
    August 14, 15, 16 @ 8 AM daily
  • Conference: August 13 (evening) to August 16, 2017
  • Pre and Post-Conference Workshops: August 13, 17, and 18, 2017

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