Doreen and Donna’s Excellent Adventure

Translating Your Environment into Your Inspiration

You are invited to follow artists Doreen Kassel and Donna Greenberg as they spend a year trekking through NYC and it’s environs, absorbing design and inspiration through the lens of this unique city.

In this presentation, the artists will share their collective insights and observations about their beloved city through conversations, sketchbooks,  paintings,  photos , videos and of course many great meals. They eagerly expect that time spent together will inform their collaboration and push them to new directions in polymer.

There is also talk of creating a polymer performance piece that reflects the great theater traditions of the city.  Their efforts will culminate in a body of polymer and mixed media art created specifically for Synergy4 .

Incorporating the stimuli found on their excursions, the art works for this program will be created individually in each artist’s signature styles. Some of the organic processes Doreen and Donna employ to different effect are sculpting,  painting , the use of  mixed media , construction and armatures. To spice things up even more, the two adventurers will challenge each other to work in new and unexpected ways and to move out side their comfort zones. There will even be a few surprise ‘ art dares’ thrown in for fun.  Will Donna finally make a bunny? Will Doreen be inspired to create a coral like vessel?  And, if they are still talking to each other after all this time together, they will create a collaborative piece reflecting their shared experiences.

By inviting you along on their journey and showing the way two like minded artists often reach similar but different conclusions, Doreen and Donna hope to help other artists working in polymer discover what inspires them, to learn to be keen observers of their environment, and how ultimately, each artist may launch themselves on their own excellent adventure.

Tuesday, August 15 – Morning


Donna Greenberg


Whether I am working on jewelry or sculptural vessels and wall hung art, my greatest interest is in combining diverse designs, colors, textures and materials in unexpected ways.  Pairing smooth, dull surfaces with a coarse piece of glittering pyrite; delicate pearls perched in a volcanic explosion of highly textured polymer; low end man made materials paired with the luxury of silver or bronze are the kind of studies that gets my heart beating loudly. The thrill for me is in balancing these diverse elements into a cohesive statement. The biggest compliment I can receive is when a viewer tells me my work looks like something they might find near the ocean, under a tree or perhaps on some other planet.

I discovered polymer in 2010 and have found it an ideal material suited to my aesthetics and tactile sensibilities. My background in painting, and ceramics has given me a great jumping off point into working with this very modern material as I continually discover new avenues when working with it.


Donna Greenberg

Doreen Kassel

Doreen Kassel


My art has always been my work, school and recreation. Drawing, painting, sculpting is what I do.

A recent return to life in NYC has me looking at things in new ways and I’m enjoying life here – especially the new drawings I’ve been doing on the subway and in my new urban home.

Working with polymer has allowed me to sculpt and paint and find an enthusiastic group of people with whom I can share my work.
I draw on things that are uncommon and comfortably common, subway characters, city scenes and people, animals, stuff that’s old & worn, children’s books and the fairy tales I read as a child.

I like to mix humans with animals and change the size of characteristics, just for the absurdity and warmth of it. I’ve recently begun work on an exciting botanical series that I’ll be teaching and expanding on. I teach, wholesale, retail and license my work. My teaching has exposed me to so many warm and talented people, it’s taken me to Europe, all over the USA and I recently launched my first online class.

My 2 and 3-D images have been used for books, magazines, toys, puzzles, posters, greeting cards, wall art, ornaments & textiles. Along with individual collectors, clients have ranged from National Geographic, Unicef & Smithsonian to HBO, People Magazine & Newsweek.



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