Finishing – It starts before you even begin

When do you know a piece is finished? What is a good finish? Why can’t you seem to get that professional, finished look in your work? Why can’t you finish anything you start? This tricky word “Finish” has so many meanings. And yet, it plagues the artist every time she… well… wants to finish a piece.

In this presentation, I will share a different way of looking at your work, and a different way of working. Using lots of images and examples, I will walk the participants through a way of “finishing” their work before they even begin it. I will cover:

  • Where do you want a piece to be seen, used, owned?
  • How does this effect how complete a piece is?
  • Breaking your work down into steps.
  • Assessing where a problem began.
  • Working and reworking, or even starting over.
  • Remembering to enjoy what you are doing… or if you can’t, what to do about it.

Time will be given to allow participants to bring problems they are having to the group, and give time for discussion on ways to address challenges. This will NOT be a critique session, only a problem solving session, focusing on ways to approach the work so that individual problems an artist has can be resolved.

Monday, August 14 – Afternoon

Presenter: Melanie West

Melanie West

Melanie West


Melanie lives in the woods of Maine, surrounded by a plethora of wild life, including moose, bob cat, fox, coyotes, lots of song birds, wild turkeys and of course, ravens.

What drives Melanie’s current work with polymer and mixed media is a life long fascination with Nature’s use of extravagant forms, colors and patterns. Nature never ceases to amaze, and she has always been compelled to answer that amazement in her work.

Melanie’s vessels and wearable art express a very personal, sensual experience, using a dream like impression of Melanie’s unique vision of Nature.


Melanie West






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