Polymer Jewelry Construction: Inside Out

How do you construct a complex piece of jewelry with polymer clay? From the inside out, back to front, bottom to top! There are many workshops that present methods for creating visually stunning polymer clay surfaces, yet very few that help you put those techniques to use in creating elements as part of a compete design. Take your work to the next level!

Explore the possibilities of using clay as an element of a mixed media jewelry design. The properties of polymer clay make it the perfect engineering vehicle that enables the artist to complete complex jewelry construction. Its malleable nature allows it to be manipulated in a way that can mask complex attachments in a beautiful manner as part of the design as a whole. It can be used as a structural tool, a means to an end, in addition to being the surface embellishment. Discover how drilling is not always the answer, as directional holes and multiple attachment locations can be created prior to curing the polymer pieces. Realize your vision through the concept of multiple holes, attachment alternatives, pre-planning for wearability, and coordinating accents. The construction decision-making process will be covered start to finish. Construction variations using head pins and eye pins, wire, chain, filigree, cord, tubing, stringing materials, fabric and mesh will all be touched upon to provide ideas that go beyond those that are generally seen in polymer pieces.

Join us for this journey of endless design possibilities by finding a whole new perspective on jewelry engineering.


Ann and Karen Mitchell

Ann and Karen Mitchell

Established in January of 1991 by sisters Ann and Karen Mitchell, AnKara Designs specializes in elegant and feminine handcrafted costume jewelry and accessories. Utilizing original sculpting techniques of polymer clay combined with crystal and pearl beads, metal filigree, and antique glass cabochons, the sisters create wearable art in a vast array of styles ranging from vintage designs to an updated classic look.


Ann Mitchell and Karen Mitchell

E-mail: ankara@ankaradesigns.com

Web: http://www.ankaradesigns.com





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