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Jana Roberts Benzon: Nature Walk – Toadstools, Twigs and Boughs

Workshop Description

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m an outdoorsy person who spends a lot of time in the forest. Much of that time is spent observing, and soaking up all the loveliness. And, stoking my unbending desire to replicate (as well as possible, anyway!) such beauties in my studio. I’ve had this desire since first beginning polymer, but didn’t have the foundational skill-set to create these items in the manner I wanted – and that was to use no paint, but to create believable pieces using clay alone (with a dash of embossing powder and alcohol ink). Last year, when I began to find this stuff coming from my fingers…well, I felt I’d hit my creative pinnacle! How excited I’d be to have an opportunity to share what I’ve learned, for the first time, at Synergy4.

Surprisingly realistic pine boughs, birch twigs, and fungi of all sorts, will be on our Nature Walk workshop trail guide. Students will learn, step by simple step, to create twigs, boughs, and toadstools (each an exacting replica of the real thing!) such as White Elm Oyster, Cremini, “Shaggy Mane” and Psilocybin.


The techniques taught in this workshop are all innovative and new – they needed to be to accomplish this feat without using paints. While these exciting techniques call for basic household tools, none are expensive and are easily obtained. Students will have the opportunity to create “stand alone” nature components, or incorporate them into an intriguing pendant or brooch pin. Students will also learn my nifty trick for professionally setting a pinback or bail, and how to speedily apply a “museum quality” backing to their piece.

One thing is for sure…heads will explode, minds will expand, and creative contentment will abound!

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Friday, August 18


7 Hours



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Maximum 22


Intermediate Level


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  • Online Registration: January 9 - August 6, 2017
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