Un-box your artistic process to ex-tend your creativity

Most artists are working on their own, in studios, a corner of the living room or at the kitchen table. Group work or collaborations are more the exception that the norm, if we like that or not. And most of the times that is perfect for our artistic endeavor.

And then there are times when we wish we had someone to talk to or someone to work with. Staying motivated on your own is not an easy task. We might end up having artistic blocks or even abandon our work for a short or longer while.

At other times we need to finish multiple projects and deadlines are dooming. We are so busy we don’t know what to do first. How do we find the time to do it all?

Creative solutions nurture your artistic process and extend your creativity. They help you to get out of the rud, find others to work with and set up routines that never leave you without ideas for your next creative outburst. Make your creativity a priority, fit it to your personality and cultivate ideas that un-box your artistic process on a regular basis!

In my session I will talk about how to set yourself up so you will improve your idea finding skills and prevent habits that leave you drained. I show how to find passion in your own authentic work and cultivate an joyful approach to your dailies. During the session I will demonstrate creative techniques to un-box everyone in the audience! These ideas work in every medium and are esential for everyone, no matter where they are on their artistic path.

Monday, August 14 – Morning

Presenter: Anke Humpert

Anke Humpert

Anke Humpert

Anke Humpert is a mixed media artist/ polymer clay artist and author, with several books, numerous magazines and online articles and tutorials, and an appearance on German TV to her credit. Anke is a fully qualified architect, who studied at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin, Germany.

In her teaching she offers to help her students to find their own voices. She offers her unique projects, but encourages everyone to try out their own ideas! Her passion as a teacher is to enable her students to become more confident in using their own voices and creativity.





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