What About Teaching?

We cannot overlook that formation has become one of the most important branches in the world of polymer clay. Clayers are avid guzzlers of knowledge. We take until the last minute of a time that, sometimes, we don’t have to attend classes.

But are these classes what we expect? Do they respond to the expectations that we have put in them? Has the clay community its own style as far as education is concerned?

In this Break-Out Session we will board the topic of teaching from the point of view of the student and the teacher.

The talk will be divided into two main groups:

In the first, we will expose the conclusions of a study, to be held to students and teachers during this year. The answers will give us an idea of what we expect when we face a class:

  • Is it important that the students take home a finished piece?
  • Do we want to teach techniques or prefer to be taught new ways?
  • The theory must be part of the workshop?
  • Monographic classes, events and/or classes online.
  • Work Group vs Individual.
  • New technologies at the classroom.

In the second section we will walk through the pedagogical approach to teaching arts and how we can compatibilize the conclusions of the previous study to make classes that meet our expectations.

Finally, and as closure of the presentation, we will make a round table where participants can bring new points of view.

Presenter: Ana Belchí

Ana Belchí

Ana Belchí

Ana Belchí is a contemporary jewelry artist specialized in the use of polymer clay, glass and silver as a means of artistic expression.

She has spent fifteen years designing custom accessories for individuals and runway events like three shows of Francis Montesinos for Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, for fashion designer Carlos Haro or La Fierecilla Domada for Valencia Fashion Week.

Her designs have a minimalist look, with very pure lines and natural colors. She assures that she can’t design without a previous concept and makes a strong emphasis on the psychological treatment of its parts.

In addition to her passion for design, Ana is in love with teaching, and she has carried out that passion in various fields for over sixteen years. Focused now on teaching polymer clay, she became the first person in Spain that has led polymer clay to an Official School of Jewelry Arts (EASD Murcia).


Ana Belchí





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