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Celine-Charuau_400x300_primaryWorkshop Description:
The primary objective of this 1-day workshop is to learn a specific type of Mokume Gane which would help you create nuances of subtle colours and bring a luminosity to your creations. The secondary objective is to learn different ways of constructing jewelry using metal wires, creating different forms of flowers and also learning to bring a lightness to the creations. During the workshop, the following techniques will be explained: Mokume Gane – a playful technique that leads to surprising results, working with colours and their possible combinations and the creation of petals. Working with metal wires to create a Feather Flower, and discovering different ways of assembling petals. This workshop will be conducted in English, and also in French if required.
To book this workshop please email Celine at


Maggie Maggio_primaryWorkshop Description:
Close your eyes and imagine standing in the middle of an extravagant rose garden awed by the reckless beauty of the flowers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wear a little bit of that gorgeous garden all year long! Start by choosing the colorway for your personal Secret Garden from one of Maggie’s bespoke palettes. Then explore the concept of color flows by mixing beautiful Skinner blends that evoke the lush colors of your imaginary garden. The heart of the workshop will be learning how to use your Skinner blends along with Maggie’s signature color washing technique to create a collection of rose inspired split rings and a custom clasp all designed to fall beautifully around your neck. Leave with an elegant, art to wear collar that will bring you back to your Secret Garden every time you wear it.
To book this workshop please email Maggie at


Angela-Garrod_400x300Workshop Description:
The essence of spring. Transport yourself after a long hard winter into that magical season “ Spring“. A time of rebirth, purity, innocence and joy. Colour that is pure and fragile. White and translucent. The emergence of new growth with its amazing kaleidoscope of greens. Followed by the joy of nature’s extravaganza of shapes. This is a necklace for special occasions perhaps for a bride, bridesmaid or your special event. I would teach you how to achieve this look making it all possible for you to create your own piece. The focus of the workshop will be the three centre beads and how to create a boat shaped vessel with more simplified links which is just as effective. At the end of the day you will be confident and competent to be able to create your own very special necklace. The workshop is suitable for all levels except for complete beginners. Full written instructions are also included.
To book this workshop please email Angela at


Melanie-West_400x300_primaryWorkshop Description:
In this one day workshop I will teach how to make large, organic forms using Ultralight. Students will learn how to work with this ungainly material as armature for big, beautiful, organic jewelry. They will learns ways to condition, form, carve, seal and laminate (cover with polymer clay cane work or sheets) their forms. Challenges and benefits of working with Ultralight will be covered, including structural issues and the prevention of cracking and breaking. While this is a technique based workshop, and not a project specific workshop, students will come away with a solid understanding of how to make brooches, bangles and necklaces using the techniques taught. I will also focus on ways of finding one’s own voice, and how to express organic movement in ones work. Students will learn my unique way of composing cane work directly on my forms, and how I finish my pieces. This is an intermediate to advanced class, and students must be proficient in English.
To book this workshop please email Melanie at


Alev Gozonar- 400x300Workshop Description:
The basic material in this work is cane. Cane slices, glued to thin and flexible wires, are mounted on a plexiglas base in different lengths and directions. These designs on wires, placed in a boxed space with all sides enclosed and restricted in this space, give the feeling that they are free floating. I named this artwork ‘free wires’ because, as you can see, Pleksi does not interfere with its style or how it comes out and the artwork is visible in its own environment. This is my starting point. What makes Polymer clay different and special to me is how it is similar to ceramic clay and yet not as heavy. In my free-wires technique, the polymer clay blocks, which appear to be free floating, are sometimes placed at random and sometimes placed in a specific shape. The wires were put on the bottom plexi layer, then metal wires were put to give it depth and another layer of plexi came on top. What you see here, what I will be explaining is made with the same technique. Where the art work will be displayed also plays an important role in deciding which technique to use. For example, if you are working on a project for a hotel, leaving the sides open, clearly, can cause a lot of dust and dirt long term. If the artwork is accessible by the viewers, pieces can be touched or removed out of curiosity. I would like to teach you step by step the ‘making’ of the art work you see here.
To book this workshop please email Alev at


Kathleen-Dustin_400x300_primaryWorkshop Description:
This 1-Day workshop covers Kathleen’s basic translucent layering techniques over Genesis paints as the ground layer making for a more painterly quality. Each student will make a pin/brooch with their own painting then layered with translucent polymer and inclusions, then carved, back-filled, sanded and polished all of which creates a shallow depth of surface. This workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced students who also have some experience in painting or graphic design.
To book this workshop please email Kathleen at


Nevenka-Sabo_400x300_primaryWorkshop Description:
In this 4 hour workshop participants will be encouraged to explore their own creativity, whilst learning about composition and design. Students will make one or more bold and colourful pendants using larger elements, while learning how to achieve incredible unique patterns, incorporate chance effects into more personal designs, and explore delicate effects more suited to smaller jewellery forms. Techniques used include drawing on the polymer clay, surface treatments including the application of alcohol ink and acrylic paint and the use of found objects.
To book this workshop please email Nevenka at


Nikolina-Otrzan_400x300_primaryWorkshop Description:
Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a morning person and that’s the reason why we will start this class with a cup of coffee and some stretching! Not necessarily in that order. 🙂 And since we have four hours to finish everything, we’ll dedicate the first one to building a faux wood veneer slab, because that’s the base of everything! Then, according to your wishes (because you’ll be able to pick what you’d like to make for yourself), we’ll split in few groups and off we go! Bangle with small circles, big circles, gradient inside circles, stripes, squares – the choice is yours! Of course, if you prefer to make a pendant, that’s what you’ll do! Necklace… fine with me! There’ll be a lot more to chose from as the event approaches, so you’ll be able to take your pick! Just remember to check my flickr page every so often. The only thing you’ll need to bring with you is your pasta machine, some basic tools, round Kemper cutters and a bangle base, so we don’t have to waste precious time for making it in the class. But you’ll receive all the instructions once you chose your faux wood project! You will leave this class with your special project ready to wear and the handout will all the rest of them included, so you can enjoy them in your own free time!
To book this workshop please email Nikolina at


Klavdija-Kurent_400x300_primaryWorkshop Description:
In this 4 hour workshop students will be encouraged to make a fresh approach to polymer clay. They will use a limited colour palette to create organic beads, tubes and hollow forms. Application of subtle tones and surface treatments, in combination with textural twists applied to raw and cured polymer, will result in the creation of a pleasing and balanced piece of jewellery.

To book this workshop please email Klavdija at


poiss3m.tuffery-smWorkshop Description
Are your tools restricting your creativity? Learn how to make your own cutters and reach new artistic freedom. In this workshop, Marlene shows you how to make free form, reusable cutters that will give your work heightened personality and originality. Marlene will then teach the secrets of her Marquetry Technique. Using your new tools, you will learn how to assemble pieces of veneer to form decorative designs. She will also show you how to use mica pigments, glitters and interference powders to produce colour depth and richness. Choose one of her signature fish patterns to hone your skills or work on a design of your own if you prefer.
If time allows Marlene will demonstrate how to use resin to give your piece that glassy, glossy and glamorous finishing touch.
To book this workshop please email Marlene at

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