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Announcing the 2019-21 IPCA Board of Directors

Per the IPCA Bylaws, approved by the membership a few weeks ago, offices for which there are only a single nominee do not require a vote by the membership. The IPCA is pleased to announce the IPCA Board of Directors for the 2019-21 Term:

  • President - Barbara Forbes-Lyons
  • VP Education - Kathryn Corbin
  • VP Membership - Beth Petricoin
  • VP Rest of the World - Maria Alexandrou
  • VP Americas - OPEN
  • VP Communications - Ann Hlavach
  • Treasurer - Scott Cooper
  • Secretary - Maureen Tees

Please download and read their nomination applications to learn more about these dedicated volunteers: 2019-21 Officer Applications

VP Americas

There is still an opening for VP-Americas. Applicants should live in North, Central, or South America.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in serving the IPCA in this role, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Updated Bylaws

The final version of the bylaws is ready and linked here.  At the next Board meeting we will be addressing a couple of issues through amendments:

  • Voting status of corporate members
  • Defining the standing committees

In Gratitude

thankyouThe IPCA Board thanks the following members for their years of service to the IPCA as they served on Executive and Regional Boards:
  • Sherman Oberson Regional Board President (Americas)
  • Claire Maunsell Regional Board Vice President – Education (Americas)
  • Beth Miller Petricoin Regional Board Vice President – Membership and Social Media (Americas)
  • Randee Ketzel Regional Board Secretary (Americas)
  • syndee holt Regional Board Vice President – Guild and Group Liaison (Americas)
  • Maria Alexandrou Regional Board President (Rest of the World)
  • Ana Belchí Regional Board Vice President – Education (Rest of the World)
  • Maria Nicolau Regional Board Vice President – Membership and Social Media (Rest of the World)
  • Karen Price Regional Board Vice President – Newsletter and Social Media (Rest of the World)
  • Alex Hernandez Regional Board Treasurer (Rest of the World)
  • Gabrielia Simigdala Regional Board Secretary (Rest of the World)
  • Fiona Abel–Smith Regional Board Vice President – Guild and Group Liaison (Rest of the World)
  • Corliss Rose Vice President – Publication (Executive)
  • Joan Ahern – Treasurer (Executive)

Last but Certainly Not Least

IPCAwards RosesThank you to Ann Hlavach for doing such a wonderful job with this year's International Polymer Clay Awards. Ann worked long hour preparing images, setting up the slide shows, coordinating the voting, hosting a video party, and making a special edition of her polymer roses for the category winners.

Thank you, Randee Ketzel, for printing the certificate awards.